About Doctor Denmark

Dr. Leila Daughtry Denmark is one of Forsyth County’s most famous residents.  Born into a farm family in Bulloch County, Georgia, she initially started work as a school teacher.  Yet, she had a yearning to heal – starting as a child on the farm, looking after the farm animals.  She talked her way into medical school – having been turned down by several institutions, as they would only allow men to study to be MDs;  women then were for nursing roles. After graduating medical school, she married John Eustace Denmark, then moved to Atlanta to start her lengthy career as a pediatrician.  Her practice took her from her initial Virginia-Highland office to Sandy Springs, and finally to Mullinax Rd. in Forsyth County where she spent to final years of her career.


When she retired in 2001 (at age 103), Dr. Denmark had seen as many as five generations of children in one family. She left quite a legacy: from starting as the only woman in her class at Georgia Medical College; then as an intern, admitting the first baby to Egleston Hospital (now Children’s Healthcare); her early career in Atlanta Georgia, working at her home office in as well as at free inner-city clinics for the poor; creating the whooping cough vaccine with Eli Lilly; being named Atlanta’s Woman of the Year in 1953; decades of pediatric work both in the office in Sandy Springs and continued charity work; and capping her career with her 16 years in Forsyth County, finally retiring as the oldest doctor in the country.


For more information on Dr. Denmark and her history, please visit http://drleiladenmark.com/.