The background, and where we are currently...

A very long story in a nutshell... 

Around 2012, the Denmark family initially sought to donate the house and property to be used as a place of historical significance. Due to the economic climate and other factors, this endeavor never caught any traction. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and Lennar Homes purchased the property, however, the office would have to be moved.  Thankfully, Lennar has generously agreed to fund the move of the structure to a new location.

Around this time, our small group started to form, and with the help of some County commissioners and other County personnel, we approached the Forsyth County Board of Education to see if the structure could be relocated to the new Denmark High School. The BoE did offer two locations where the Office could be moved, however our group didn't feel either would be suitable for such an important and historical structure. 

Fast forward another year or two, and by now, the County had purchased land on the west side of Mullinax Road and just across the road from Denmark High School. This land will be used for the newest County park, which will also be named Denmark Park. The County Parks and Recreation Department was excited to partner with our effort, and they have provided an excellent location for Dr. Denmark's office.


This is where we need your help! Although Lennar was very generous to fund the moving of the structure, there is and will continue to be a lot of expense that our group will need to fund. With your generosity, we will need to restore the structure to its original condition to make it so it can be a place of learning, inspiration and historical significance for future generations. 


We have partnered with the North Georgia Community Foundation as our 501c3, so your donations are tax deductible. The NGCF has a very strong oversight board, so they will ensure your contributions are being used strictly for the purposes of restoring and maintaining the office. No member of our group will receive any money for our efforts. We are strictly a volunteer group.  


Thank you for your generosity!